Ze-Ting (Neil) Lu

ECE+CS student at Duke, with extensive experience in leadership, problem solving, and startup founding.

Durham, NC | +1-984-287-9908 | hi@neillu.com | linkedin.com/in/neillu-zt

Professional Experiences

Intern, Systems Integration Engineering

Industrial Technology Research Institute

05/2024 - 08/2024

Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • Researched and assisted in the design of frontend analog circuits for non-contact biopotential (EEG) sensors.
  • Developed a Python framework for multichannel DSP, involving filtering, signal separation, frequency analysis, etc.

Intern, AI/NLP Research

Asia University

05/2023 - 08/2023

New Taipei, Taiwan

  • Developed a information extraction system to extract biochemical interactions from research papers with spaCy.
  • Parsed the entire Chinese Wikipedia for text mining to construct a common knowledge graph with Python and SQL.
  • Developed an error tolerant word-rec system for Chinese pharmaceutical vocabularies and a phone-to-word system.
  • Conducted pilot studies on word modifier disambiguation with pretrained embeddings and visualized results with Python.

Software Engineer, Fullstack

Guangzhao Information Co., Ltd.

06/2023 - Present (part-time)

New Taipei, Taiwan

  • Developed a social platform with 20k+ enrolled users using Next JS, with PHP and MySQL as the RESTful API backend.
  • Used Cloudflare’s security platforms, and used Vonage, TwSMS, and LINE API to develop a 2-step verification system.

Organizations and Projects

Startup Co-Founder / Software Architect

Eapplico Contact Management Platform

11/2023 - Present (part-time)


  • Currently leading a startup of 7 members, including software & business teams, and seeking venture capital investment.
  • Architecting the platform, including GoLang API servers, Python ML servers, Next JS web client and iOS client.
  • Developed contact management & search algorithms with OpanAI services and MongoDB vector database.

Founder / Software Engineer, Fullstack

Zetria Online Edcuational Platform

10/2018 - 01/2024


  • Led a nonprofit team of 10 to develop, fund, and market the platform, which has reached 1.3 million user visits.
  • Configured Apache on Linux, built CI pipeline on GitHub Action, and developed with Django, MySQL, and Next JS.
  • Developed a content search algorithm with BERT-based NLP models and built an AI tutor with GPT-4 generative AI.
  • Developed a Chrome extension for crowdsourcing and a management system for content moderation and editing.

Co-Founder / Software Engineer, Fullstack

Infinitas Volunteer Matching Service

05/2011 - 01/2023


  • Led a team of 20, worked with govn’t agencies, so far recruited 500+ volunteers, enabled 3000+ hrs of 1-on-1 tutoring.
  • Developed a patented platform with React and Firebase for service matching, communication, and storing class records.
  • Developed a before-class notification system with Firestore, Google Cloud Functions, and LINE’s Messaging APIs.

Project Student Engineer

Duke University VR Studio

08/2022 - 12/2022

Durham, NC

  • With a team of 4, worked with technical mentor and client to establish an R&D timeline and design criteria.
  • Used CAD software to design bladeless airflow nozzles and prototyped with 3d-printing and other factory equipments.
  • Scripted programs on microcontrollers for low-noise VR airflow immersion, connected to external API via bluetooth.

Other Leadership

Co-President / Cultural Chair

Duke Taiwanese American Student Association

11/2022 - 05/2024

Durham, NC

  • Organized 30+ weekly events, many with up to 60+ attendees, in sharing Taiwanese cuisine, language, and culture.
  • Led a team of 7 in managing event planning, budgeting, and marketing, and collaborated with other student groups.


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Duke University

08/2022 - 05/2026 (expected)

Durham, NC

  • With Computer Science 2nd Major
  • Cumulative GPA 3.84/4.0, Dean's List for 2 semesters